My Background

All stories start somewhere, and mine started in Texas. I'm a Dallas native who can't stand the heat. So when I was 18, I left the kitchen for Williamsburg, Virginia, to attend The College of William and Mary. 

I studied English and Philosophy (basically: I thought about ideas a lot). My crowning achievements include: flash mob organizer, coffee shop regular (one that got to sit on the couches), #2 ranked female hipster on campus in the April Fool's edition of the campus newspaper (still don't know why or how), and high honors recipient for creative writing.

Upon graduation, I packed up my car and drove to Colorado. My creative writing professor had just recommended The Essentials of Screenwriting by Richard Walter. It would help with my short stories, he said. Three days of driving later, I had a spec plot; six months after that, I had my first screenplay.

Meanwhile, I was founding a company with my brother: Telluride Festivarian Magazine, a festival magazine covering the many annual events of Telluride, Colorado. That's where the whole magazine/branding/marketing thing started. 

Now I'm living in Boulder, Colorado, aka Telluride East. (Boulder has more beer, cleaner hippies, and less impressive mountains. It's a trade-off.) I got a dog (see below) and a new job at a digital marketing startup. And so the story goes on.

Vital Stats:

Dogs or Cats: Dogs

Day Job: Project Manager, Freelance Writer

Preferred Drink: Coffee, Amaretto Sour, Old Fashioned

Myers-Briggs Personality Type: ENTP

Hobbies: Skiing, Bouldering, Hiking, Adventuring, Travel

Dream Destination: Iceland in both summer and winter, for the aurora and for the hot springs

Guiding Principles: Never stop learning, never stop exploring, never give up, say 'never' whenever you want to, and reach for the stars.

Weirdest Reason For Being Late: Physically getting stuck in knee-deep mud until I couldn't move; I was only a few feet off the sidewalk

The Romance Novel I'll Never Write: Maritime Law, about a Naval Court Judge who falls in love with a mysterious mermaid while working on his hardest case yet. (That's a freebie, universe. Take it.)

Dream Magazine Gig: Travel writer or travel food writer for something awesome like Skymall or Travel + Leisure or Anthony Bourdain, The Magazine (which should totally exist)

my dog, laika