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Summer 2016

"Marijuana, Meet Big Pharma" - Marijuana growers face changing patent laws and fear encroachment from Big Ag and Big Pharma

"Movers, Shakers, & Boulder's Makers" - Profile on Boulder County's Maker Movement

Winter/spring, 2015-16:

"Escape the Ordinary: Backcountry Hut Trips" - Cover Story, How to plan and enjoy a backcountry hut trip by ski or mountain bike

"A New Kind of Cool" - Buzz piece on the rise of cryotherapy 

"A Different Kind of Psych Class" - Buzz profile of Boulder's two psychic institutes

"What Kind of Skier are You?" - Humorous personality-based quiz

"Wood-fired Warmth" - Restaurant Profile of Under the Sun

Fall, 2015: 

"A Human Lightning Bolt" - Profile of Nick Quinlan, Boulder native and Chairman of Major League Hacking

"Find Your New Fall Look" - Quiz designed to fit with Fall Fashion feature

"Boulder's Home on the Creek" - Restaurant Profile of The Riverside

Summer, 2015:

"Beer Wars" - Examining changes in the craft brewing industry, most notably the encroachment of big breweries

"Barbeque Bliss" - Tips to throw memorable and stress-free backyard shindig

"Foxy Fittings" - A business profile on Boulder's Fjällräven store

"What Kind of Dater Are You?" - A quiz designed to fit in with the feature, "How to Create a Great First Date"


SPRING, 2016

"The Soil Solution" - How regenerative farming techniques could reverse climate change

"Garden on the Rocks" - Showcase unusual xeric plants through a crevice garden centerpiece

winter, 2015-16

"Breathe Easy" - 6 houseplants to detox indoor air, based on NASA's clean air study as well as follow up studies by Emory University

"The Beauty of Ugly Food" - Examining food waste in Boulder County, plus current efforts to save good produce deemed too 'ugly' to sell

"Floor-Finder Guide" - Comparing popular flooring options and technological advances in hardwood, tile, laminate, vinyl, and carpet

Fall, 2015:

"Let's Go Glamping" - How to have a glamorous camping experience without the heavy price tag

"Seed Safekeeping" - About Ft. Collins' National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation and their vital work

"Mattress Matters" - Investigating why mattresses are so expensive—and what consumers can do to avoid being scammed


Fall, 2015:

"Easy Riding: Auto Maintenance for Winter" - Tips on preparing your car for snow and ice

"Decorate Smarter" - How to decorate once for all of fall's holidays

Summer, 2015:

"Summer Construction Tips" - What to look out for when hiring a contractor for common summer projects

Editor-in-Chief & Founding Partner

Summer, 2014:

"Beyond Local's Night" - A guide to the Telluride Comedy Festival

"Respect the Balloon" - Previewing the Telluride Balloon Festival

"The Greatest Show on Earth: Telluride Film Festival" - Previewing the Telluride Film Festival

"Gluttons Unite: The Meat Is Here" - Previewing the Telluride Barbeque Festival

Winter, 2013-14:

"Try New Things" - Off-the-beaten-path activities to enjoy in the Telluride winter

"Mountainfilm: Inspiration from a Festival That Matters" - Highlights from Mountainfilm 2013

"A Favorite In The Rough" - Reviewing Telluride's first Arts + Architecture Weekend 

Summer, 2013:

"Getting Up For the Telluride Balloon Festival" - An anecdotal essay about volunteering your way into a hot air balloon during the Balloon Festival

"Inspiration From the San Juans" - Previewing Telluride Plein Air Festival

"Small But Strong: Unforgettable Fests" - Quieter Telluride festivals that shouldn't be missed

"Theatre Week" - About a new collaboration between Telluride Playwrights Festival and Telluride Theatre

"Telluride Barbeque Returns" - Previewing changes made to a new fall festival

Winter 2012-13:

"Heart, Indomitable" - Highlights from Mountainfilm 2012

"Telluride's Mother of Festivation" - The history and culture of Telluride's greatest summer event, the Telluride Bluegrass Festival

"Discovering the Classics at Telluride Chamber Music" - Why you shouldn't overlook this educational festival

"The Telluride Barbeque Festival" - Introducing the brand-new barbeque festival in all of its meaty glory

The Alumni Magazine for Ursuline Academy of Dallas

"Networking: Powering Your Life Path" - How to leverage social media and day-to-day interactions in order to build real connections that last, for the 2015 annual issue